Any way to turn off the "correct placement field"?

Sorry for the weird title but I did not know how to describe the field where you write your characters while studying.

There is an annoying thing with it and that is that you have to place your strokes on the right place in the square and not in the right place according to your first stroke. For example, let’s say you are writing 啊 and you got the 口 part too far to the right, to continue you will have to write the 阝part on top of the 口 and the end result will be all messed up. Please tell me there is a way to turn this off.

Placing strokes in the exact right place in the field might be great for beginners but for those of us who have studied for years and just want too write the character as fast as possible with one or two strokes 草书, it is extremely annoying.

It would be even better if there was a mode where it stopped trying to see if all strokes are correct and waited until you’ve finished the character before trying to recognize it.

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What you’re describing is relative positioning, which is something I agree with and the original iOS app does pretty well. Instead of strokes needing to be within a certain threshold based on where strokes are located on the revealed character (Skritter’s character), it bases the next strokes expected placement taking your previous strokes placement into consideration. In other words with relative positioning, you could write a character at 1/4 size and it wouldn’t matter, since all those strokes are relative to each other and not solely based on the revealed character stroke positions. This means you don’t have to write so exact to the position of what’s shown on the canvas with the revealed character, as long as the character is correct and it’s placement matches when scaled compared to the actual character. This should also improve recognition when writing larger on the canvas, besides the ability to write characters small on the canvas. I don’t believe this is planned though.

Does anyone else feel like this would be a powerful addition? Rally up!

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This is exactly what I mean, I just did not know how to describe it as well as you did.

Edit: Honestly, the more I skritter, the more annoying this problem gets. You have to blindly guess where skritter wants you to put the stroke and exactly how long etc it’s supposed to be.

I have been paying for skritter since the beginning of 2011 which means that I have paid roughly 900$ for this product. For that kind of money I think I deserve an almost flawless product with an android app that is not in beta for years. Sorry skritter team, but as a consumer I feel that I am not getting what I have paid for :frowning:

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