Anyone taking the JLPT this December?

I just finished signing up for the JLPT N1 this December and I’m starting to feel regrets lol. I haven’t taken any of the previous tests so I’m kinda scared. I also still need to learn 1500 more words and read the grammar book, which I haven’t even started. anyone else feeling the pressure or are you feeling confident? wanna hear some thoughts.

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Yeah I’m nervous. But I’m sort of a veteran. I tried to pass the N2 this summer but failed by one point. On one hand I think I have the knowledge to pass (and did the last time I took it) but you never know what can happen on test day. The fact that you’re jumping right into the N1 makes me think you either have lived in Japan and gone through a Japanese school system of some sort so you’re really really strong in Japanese or you’re just ambitious/crazy. Another English teacher here (in Japan) did what you’re doing and didn’t pass. He didn’t retake it and doesn’t have any plans to. I don’t think he did much formal studying just had taught English in Japan for over a decade and gone though several Japanese speaking girlfriends. His Japanese seemed quite good to me from what I saw too.

I would suggest getting a practice test ASAP. Do the test without making it too easy for yourself… if possible do it all at once just like on test day. Then plan your studying from there. You might pick and choose grammar points from the book to work on that seem more important and work on Kanji depending. And when you do take the test… do everything you can to be as rested and best able to focus as possible. Most people I know are strongest at listening and get the best score on the listening section. But it’s the last section that they test so you will be the most tired - this is why being rested is so important. I would bring an energy drink or coffee or whatever helps you to take during the break before the listening test.