API user access directly


I’ve reading the API, and it seems that all the calls are made through a client, it is possible for the users to have a API_KEY to access directly the resources? I like a user would like for example to add mnemonics directly in my account (for example add the Cantonese pronunciation). And of course, I wouldn’t like to pay double to maintain a client account.

Thank you for your time.

You can create an API client account without paying, but rather buy using a special coupon code. Have a look at the following page (specifically the signing up section):



Yes I read that part, but I didn’t read anywhere that it is free, so here:

I have to create a client, provide the credit card information, and after that input the coupon code, and I won’t be charged, isn’t it?

Wouldn’t be better if we only need one account to access our information?


No, you don’t need to enter a credit card. You need to enter a coupon code using an alternative payment method.