App cand find characters on iPad

I was trying to use Skritter on my iPad so I could practice with the stylus.
It’s been working very well on my iPhone but when I tried to use the iPad I got two errors.

One was a warning label saying that says, “Missing stroke data\n We don’t have this character mapped in our system yet. Tap to advance.”
Then it shows me only the top left corner of the “rice paper” square.

Those same characters work fine on the iPhone.

Our developers have patched this bug and will be releasing a build soon (3.10.11). In the meantime, can you try refreshing your local data? If you continue experiencing this issue once the new build is released, please let us know at

Is the stroke data really missing, or is that something the patch will fix? I’ve been sending a report for every character I find without stroke data but I’m not sure it’s necessary. The thing is, I get this on both the Android and iOS app, so I’m thinking it’s system-level, but what do I know.