App not adding new words after progress reset

I did a progress reset last week, and since then Skritter has only added maybe 20 words total, and they were all on the same day. I’ve had no new words added since then, and my reviews have shrunk to 8. If I hit the ‘keep reviewing’ button, it just says due cards are zero. I went in through the web interface to raise my daily added number, but it’s had no effect. Essentially the app isn’t functioning at this point. Same thing happens on the web version, queue is empty after 8 reviews today.
I’m wondering if the reset went wrong. My queue went to zero, but my progress still appears the same as before: all stats are there, and the individual deck progress bars are all the same too. It took several tries to get the progress to clear, and it looked like it didn’t work until I opened the app and saw 0 items in the study queue. I was going to clear the progress from the legacy site but was a little afraid I might delete all my decks accidentally so I just stuck with the new site.

Anyway, I’m using app version 3.4.9 (300410).

The new apps do not have an auto-add capability. You need to go into the “learn” mode and learn items. You can directly tell Skritter to “mark it learned” inside learn mode, and you won’t need to go through the instructional steps (“teach me” Goes through instructional steps).

Apomixis is correct. The new app does not auto-add items from review (technically just “Study”) like the old apps.

We’ll likely support the feature in a similar way moving forward and offer some kind of bulk-adding options on the deck level, but they haven’t been deployed yet. If you are looking for a quicker adding solution at the moment, I would recommend using single-list study on the website and smashing that plus button a few times to add a bunch of things if you’ve already learned them.

Also, progress reset is a great time to consolidate the things and save you lots of review time in the future. Could be worth some consideration about what decks you’re studying from and why.

Good luck with the progress reset. May your study progress soar!


TBH I don’t understand what either of you are saying. I went in the website app to adjust my study settings. I don’t study there because using a mouse to draw characters is something I don’t have the patience for. I don’t want learn mode because I hate the automatic animations. They slow everything down while I try to figure out how to get past them. This is a serious functionality problem if I can’t just reset my queue to zero and start over from the beginning without having to do a bunch of weird hacks and change my lists just to get some new characters into my queue. BTW I only did the progress reset because I had over 20,000 items backed up and had no real way to clear them out that wouldn’t eventually compound the problem.

  1. Once you’ve reset your progress, Skritter marks you as not knowing any characters. Your account is essentially empty. You have to re-add characters from the beginning. When you reset your progress, you should have had ZERO characters in your account. So, if there were twenty characters still in your account, something went wrong. Reset should set things to zero. (Unless you added a few words while you were in the web interface, BEFORE you went into the new app)

  2. Skritter’s new apps do not have a way to add bulk new words. Regardless of the settings on the website, the bulk-adding and auto-adding of new words capability is not present in the new iOS/Android apps. CLARIFYING: The new apps DO NOT HAVE the same features as the website, and vice versa. One cannot assume that a website feature is available on the apps. Bulk-adding and Auto-Adding of new characters is NOT PRESENT in the new apps.

  3. With the new apps, the ONLY way to add new characters to your account is via learn mode. You can skip the “animations”, as you label them, by selecting the “mark as learned” option instead of the “teach me” option. But, you still have to do this for each character.

  4. Method: Pick a list you want to learn from, hit the learn button, Skritter will start learning the next unlearned character on the list, scroll to the bottom, and select the “mark as learned” text at the bottom. Skritter will autoadvance to the next word on the list. Scroll down, hit “mark as learned” and repeat. When you’ve added all the words you want, exit/quit out of Learn mode.

NOTE: I’ve found if you hit the mark as learned on many characters too quickly, Skritter gets lost and doesn’t add all the words, so you have to add slower than you may want, so the communication with the database can “catch up”.

  1. You can still bulk add via the website.

What do you mean by “hacks” and “change my lists”? Your same old lists work fine, no changes needed. @SkritterJake was merely recommending that a reset-period was a good time to re-evaluate if the lists you are using are matching your current learning needs.

The only thing that has changed is the mechanism that Skritter uses to add words. That’s not a hack; rather, an intentional design decision in the software. And that design allows you to directly confirm the word as learned and to skip the “teaching” phase of it.

I didn’t like it at first either. It’s a mindset change. But, after using it for a few months (after resetting my progress too), I found it to be more effective for learning the new content.

  1. Here is a screenshot of my progress post-reset:

  2. Bulk adding would be nice, but I’m getting zero-adding from the app and this is a big problem. I’m not going to get into what should be normal between the web and mobile apps but I’m not terribly impressed by the current state of integration. Not your problem.

  3. There is no “learn mode.” Do you mean Teaching mode?

  4. Refer back to the picture of my current progress.

  5. “Hacks” refers to advice like " If you are looking for a quicker adding solution at the moment, I would recommend using single-list study on the website and smashing that plus button a few times to add a bunch of things if you’ve already learned them," and “consolidate the things” when I don’t even know what those things are.

My same old lists don’t work fine, as you claim. Nothing works at all right now. I’m at a point where I’m going to find a solution or chuck the whole thing, and as you can see from the stats picture I’ve been at this rodeo for a good long while. I need chronic reviews of characters and meaning with some vocabulary terms. I entered a grad school program and was unable to tend to my study queue and things blew up and got out of control, and now that I want to get back into the study habit I thought why not just start all the way over? So I did that, and I’ve been stuck with 20, then 8, then zero study items. If I choose Continuous Mode I get 8 study items recycled continuously. This ain’t worth the price of admission.

In your metrics (your attached image), it shows All-Time characters and Words counts that are not zero. Hence you progress was not reset. Those values drop to zero when reset.

Learn mode is a feature of the new App and all the terms I specified for selections are specific to the new App.

HZ, it would appear that your account reset didn’t actually work if that is what you’re seeing on the screen.

A full data reset should remove all your decks and all your study progress. Maybe try doing it again on your account? If you’re still seeing a similar result after another attempt, email so we can investigate.

Also, are you using the mobile app to study, or are you using the website? It is an important distinction at the moment. You mention not wanting to use a mouse, but you’re also talking about website features and functionality.

The important thing to understand about the Skritter: Write Chinese mobile app is that you will never add items in review mode (continuous or due card). At least right now. If you want to add items to review on the mobile app you need to:

  1. Select a deck
  2. Press “learn” button
  3. Either go through the learning activity, OR tap “mark as learned” from the preview card, which will add the item to review.

You can learn all about how the mobile app works here:

Using the website you can use the plus button to bulk add more than one item to your review queue at a time. It is not a hack, it is the way the website and old apps were designed. Since you’re a false beginner, this is going to be a lot easier than slowly learning a bunch of stuff again on Skritter. Even if you’re not using the website to study, this is just an option to populate your queue quickly. The same thing can be done with the “mark as learned” button on mobile from inside deck or deck sections.

As for “consolidate the things” you’re studying. This is not a hack, I was just trying to offer some advice as someone who was in a similar spot a few years ago. My two cents would be:

  1. If you don’t think you’re going to forget the 500 most common characters, for example, don’t waste your time adding them tot he Skritter study queue.

  2. If you’re not learning from an old textbook anymore, then why bother adding it to your study queue again.

  3. Gradually build-up the items you’re reviewing. Adding thousands of items to your queue because you “already know them” is just going to put you into the same boat you were in. Set a study goal/day and stick to it.

I actually made a video about this topic for your YouTube channel if you’re interested in checking it out:

Hey Jake, I’ve actually tried resetting my progress several times from the app and the website, and it hangs every time during the operation. The last time though when I went in, my queue was clear, so I thought maybe it had worked after all. But with my decks still in reveiw mode, and my all-time stats still showing, that’s why I said originally that I thought maybe something had gone wrong. I also tried going into the legacy website to clear progress there but I only found “delete all” in the Words tab and I wasn’t sure what would happen if I hit that. It was some years ago but I think that was how I reset my progress the last time. If that’s how it works, I’ll do that, but I was afraid of deleting my decks, including custom ones.

As for studying things I already know, my practice has been just to ban words and characters individually if they’re really that easy. It’s been well over a year now since I’ve had a regular study practice, and you know how it goes…I’ve forgotten a lot of characters I thought I never would or could. I don’t doubt I’ll get it back quickly, but a refresher might not be a bad idea.
So what happens if I hit the ‘delete all’ button? Will my ban words be reset too?

Thanks for the help, this has just been an unexpectedly frustrating couple of days. I appreciate your time.

Forgot to mention: I always assumed the web and mobile apps were running off a common set of server settings, but you could only access certain things like limiting the number of cards added per day, via the website. I only ever study using my phone; I have a Chromebook with a touch-capactitive screen, but for some reason I can’t use it for drawing characters on the web interface, it only recognized the mouse pad, which is arguably even worse.

other little note I did not realize the file name of my screen shot would be visible in my post. That wasn’t directed at you, that was after about 15 or so attempts to crop the photo that ended up with the viewer chopping off the top half of it for no good reason, making me start over from the beginning. I was about ready to punch through a wall by the time I decided to rename the file so I could find it in my screenshots folder, and that was the first thing I thought of. I’d have named it something much more congenial if I knew it would display. Again, I really appreciate the help.

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Thanks for the extra details. Something is hanging up, and I can understand your frustration. We’ll get you back to square one with zeroed out queue.

@SkritterMichael @josh help, please?!?! :slight_smile:

Hey @hz, sorry you had some problems resetting. I’ve cleared all the progress on your account and double checked the database for any stragglers–your account is ready to start anew (custom vocab definitions, mnemonics, and lists you created have been preserved of course)!

Also, what model Chromebook are you using? That’s super annoying the touch input doesn’t work! Some of the fixes in this article may help you get touch input working: There’s also a couple other threads within the past year about using the Surface with Skritter if you search for them, they might lead to some insights. Let us know if you do get it working (and what you had to change).

Thanks Michael, that did the trick. I’ve not gotten my head around all the changes to learning mode–honestly I preferred just adding entire lists and letting my activity determine how many terms get added in a day–but at least I’ve got forward progress again.

My Chromebook is an Asus Flip C302. I’m a bit nervous about the fix described in the link you provided; I’m not a big knower of how scripts work. But I’ll have a closer look at it. Thanks for the guidance.

Note added 3 days later apparently it didn’t take when I hit the ‘reply’ button on this the other day.

I’ll see if I’m able to get my hands on one and do some testing, but with the pandemic going on, that might be a little tricky. You shouldn’t need to use the script to get the input to work, that’s more of a last resort, but it has worked for some people. While Skritter uses modern best practices for touch input and has some pretty robust fallback methods, every device/OS is a bit different so it’s a constant battle to catch everything.
Your best bet is to mess around with the Chrome/ChromeOS settings and do some searching to see if anyone else with chromebooks or your model has encountered weird behavior with touch input.