App not syncing; how to make sure progress not lost

Hi. I’ve been doing a lot of reviews on the iOS app (originally the test flight beta version, but recently the app store pushed an update to 3.4.11, seemingly outside of test flight.) I just logged into the website and I see that the website hasn’t recorded any progress since September 6. I’ve really done a lot in the app since then, and I want to make sure if at all possible I don’t do anything to lose that progress; this happened once before.

It appears the app is not (and hasn’t been syncing) since then. Is there any way to force a sync and/or figure out what’s wrong BEFORE I reinstall the app and lose all the reviews I’ve done this month?

iOS 14 release broke some billing/trial stuff and we needed to push an emergency patch directly to production. If you haven’t already, be sure to shoot us an email with this same info so we can keep the conversation going directly with you.

I’ve already alerted development on Slack, but I’m tagging them here too (@SkritterMichael @josh)

I just checked our error logs and don’t see anything funky going on with your account there. I do see that you did have about 30 minutes of reviews from today 9/23. How much time were expected to have been recorded since 9/6?

The 30 minutes recorded today were done on the website. There should be a lot more since September 6; probably around 10 to 15 minutes a day, but probably some days more than that. I could have sent screenshot of the log screen from the legacy iOS when I first noticed it this morning, but it looks like I inadvertently lost that ability by playing in the legacy app for a while this afternoon. The log data from earlier in the month doesn’t show up on the screen anymore, it’s been pushed down and out of view by all the syncs today. Working from memory, though, it seemed like the sync log was reporting successful syncs, but none of the data about the reviews I completed in the beta version was actually being copied up. They all said “Success – [some number] D/0 U,” which I assume meant 0 uploaded. There were also a bunch that just had dashed lines. Really wish I had thought to take a screen shot beforehand.

I haven’t upgraded to iOS 14… still worried I might have to jailbreak my phone to keep WeChat.

What’s the email address I should be using, as it seems this is unique to me and I don’t need to waste forum space with it?

To clarify, I had been using the beta version, not the legacy app, I just went in to look at the legacy app earlier today because the beta doesn’t seem to have a way to view the logfiles.

They could still be on your device, especially if the due count on your device is showing significantly lower than the website. You can reach out to and it’ll get directed to me. Thanks!

OP and development team are working on this via email. Marking this as closed.