App not working? 9-7-21

Everytime I have opened my skritter app today, it will not work. If I click on “due cards” it goes the the screen and the wheel of death starts. Anyone else having trouble today?

Just spins and spins.

We’ve gotten a few reports of this starting from around 10 AM (EST) this morning and we’re still looking into what might be causing this issue. Unfortunately I’m not seeing it on my devices, can you try the following to see if it fixes things:

  1. Log out and back into your account
  2. Reinstall the app fresh from the store

Logging out and back in fixed it! Thank you! I should have tried that earlier, but I didn’t see the log out button. :crazy_face:

Thanks for trying that out! We’ll keep looking into what might have caused that hiccup to try to prevent it from happening in the future.