App question: Total Words vs Unique Characters

How is the “unique characters” portion of the progress under the app counted? As in, if you learn vocabulary words with a new character that you have not learned from another vocabulary word, does it get added to the unique character? Or do only unique characters that you have learned individually get counted? e.g. if I’ve learned 遺憾 and 遺 is a new character for me, does the app increase the count on my vocabulary AND unique character, or only vocabulary?

I’m asking because I have been working off a few different types of vocabulary lists, including one made by SkritterOlle that breaks down about 5000 unique characters used in Taiwan by rough grade level. Except now that I am learning a lot more vocab per day, it’s getting to be a pain to go back to those lists and “learn” the individual characters just to add them to the library and keep track of which characters I’m missing/total # of unique characters I’ve learned. So going back to 遺憾, after learning it from the HSK 5 or 6 list, I would go back to the Taiwan individual character list and learn 遺 by itself solely to organize my unique character learning and to make sure I’m not missing certain characters, but I’m starting to think this is just too redundant and maybe unnecessary.

I don’t know if there are any other heritage learners out there that might have suggestions for me. The main problem is that I’m a heritage learner so once I’ve learned the individual character, I actually have a much larger vocabulary than what’s on my vocab lists (because once I recognize exactly which characters make up the words I already know, I don’t have to learn the words as actual vocab, I already know the meaning/usage about half of the time). So adding vocabulary is tedious and actually slows down my learning progress, because what I really need to do is learn more unique characters without first going through another 200 vocabulary words from the HSK 6 list. That’s why I’ve also been using the Taiwan individual characters list to speed up the process since once I’ve learned the character, I can actually read/write any words with it fairly reliably since I mostly already know the vocab.

Are there any other unique character Skritter lists that anyone would recommend? I’ve also already done the 800 prolific characters list (based on “word-forming capability”) once I realized my words vs. characters discrepancy. Ideally what would help is like a most frequent 3000 unique character list or something similar, preferably for traditional characters. The one list I found of this seems really outdated and was for simplified.

If I’ve understood it correctly, on the app the number of “unique characters” is indeed the total number of all unique characters. It doen’t matter whether you learnt a character in a word or as a single character. The statistics on the web versions work differently.

If you want the all new characters to be added to your list as single characters, go to and in the settings turn “Add characters when adding words” on.