App takes forever to load on "Review options screen"

The app will say something like Due Cards (11) on the review button, but when I click on it I have to wait for several minutes until it lets me click the button to continue. Is there something I can do to fix this?

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It definitely shouldn’t be taking minutes! If possible, would you be able to send a screen recording to us at when this is happening? If you could include your device / OS information as well that would be helpful too.

@Jeremy Thanks, I’ve sent the video and my device info over.

for me it does not take minutes but up to a minute. do you want one from me too?

@616815882 if you log out and back into the app does it still hang for several minutes?

@sirati probably not the same issue and I have details about your report of app sluggishness already, but thanks!

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@josh That fixed it

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