Apple Pencil for Skritter?


Nick, the Dev Team needs an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil!


Split screen with Pleco and stroke thickness. A man can dream.


Is this functionality ever coming? It would be really nice to have. Skritter is basically a perfect match for the Apple Pencil.


This is still planned, and it would be a perfect match! There are a lot of pending issues that need to be tackled first, however.


Hey, did this ever end up coming to fruition? Does Skritter Chinese support the Apple Pencil yet? Is Skritter compatible with split screen on an iPad Pro?


The iOS app would be able to get this sort of functionality once it’s updated to 2.0-- we’re gearing up for the beta release! As 2.0 matures, it’s also progress towards the new iOS app as well since it’s based on the same framework. We’ll be sure to announce when the beta is ready for testing, however in the meantime there’s no support for Apple Pencil or split screen unfortunately.


Will iOS 2 app support Apple Pencil?


We’re going to try our best to get it into the iOS 2.0 app as soon as possible, yes! :smiley:


Any update on this?

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We have access to some iPads (12.9" pro and new 2018 iPad) and Apple Pencils for testing. Not priority right now, but we’ll certainly be putting in some work to improve the experience once some of the other critical features have been deployed.


I see this thread has been around for a while. Does the Apple Pencil worth with Skritter for iOS decently? I’m thinking of getting an iPad Pro.


I purchased a new 11” iPad Pro and Apple Pencil in December (replacing a 5-year old iPad Air 1st generation) and have been using it for Skritter.

On the legacy iOS app, it works really nicely for writing, EXCEPT, you can’t press the forward/back buttons with the pencil, and the ink can “glob up” if you linger too long. But the “feel” is really like writing with an ink pen.

On the current iOS beta, the pencil doesn’t “feel” as nice. The way the ink “flows” feels/looks like there was no thought about using the pencil. It works, but as an afterthought.

I’ve never tried the web version with the pencil, as I only use the web for data entry of new characters.


Does the legacy app work okay on the iPad Pro in general? Syncing, no crashes, etc.? The 11" one is what I was looking at.


@Avenger I haven’t noticed any difference between how the legacy iOS app acts on the 11” Pro versus how it acted on my iPad Air 1.

Feature-wise, You can’t do multiple apps with Skritter (side by side split screen), but you can do slide over (I often have Pleco up on slideover), and Skritter is only a Portrait-orientation app, so that limits some of the new iOS features…but this wasn’t on my Air 1 either, so I didn’t really expect it to work.

One thing I don’t do on the iPad is list management & character entry. I usually use the Web app on a PC to enter characters and create my lists, so my use of that feature on iPad is very limited. I’ve had lists die during data entry on the iPad several times while switching back and forth between apps. (Then again, that happens periodically on the PC web version, where the list won’t save)

If Skritter supported side-by-side apps, and I could have my Skype sessions (Mandarin tutor sessions) up simultaneously with Skritter, then I might be able to use the iPad for list entry. The bigger 11” screen on the Pro makes side-by-side usable for two apps, if it were supported.

Sorry for rambling a bit here.