Apple Pencil for Skritter?

Watching the Apple Pencil video I couldn’t help but think of how amazing it would be to have hooks and brush weights measured as I used Skritter.

Looks like the Pencil is an iPad Pro only thing at the moment, but it will possibly come to smaller devices in the future. Any chance that when Skritter iOS finally gets it’s refresh, it can incorporate support for more advanced stylus options?



I want to see the response!

It would be pretty cool and it’s nice they included a character example in the video! As of right now it’s going to be one of those bridges we cross after the iPad Pro is released. It’d be more appealing to develop that functionality out if it’s well received and does end up making it into future devices.

Did you guys decide if Apple Pencil is something you’re planning to support yet? I use Skritter on my iPad and the Apple Pencil’s strokes are almost comically thick.

@OldManNick We actually had a user who helped us test and fix the Apple Pencil support. The next time iOS receives an update those fixes will be included.

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I just got the 9.6 pro which also has pencil support. Two things I noticed are the thick strokes and you can’t tap on the arrow to go to the next character with the pencil. Any idea when the update with pencil support you mentioned above will be released? I’d be willing to beta test it.

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Also interested on this, I’ve been using Skritter with a Jot Dash but the Apple Pencil is just on another level.
I really want to try the Pencil on Skritter but seems like it’s not working well at the moment.
Any ETA for the next iOS update which will fix it?

I don’t have a specific ETA on when this will happen, but I did just sent @nick an email about possibly getting this update pushed.

Would be really nice if the iOS app could support Apple pencil. Any ETA?

The iOS app is on a bridge of sorts, where it’s waiting to be overhauled with new framework (based on the 2.0 project). This might mean that the next major update would be the actual client replacement.

Hi Jeremy, when you say “client replacement”, is that still an iOS native app?

It will mostly be our unified HTML5 client with native components as needed for performance.

Looking forward to the update! Is it more of a 2016 thing or 2017?

That’s unfortunately hard to predict, but we’re working towards the transition being as quick as possible. Chances are looking more towards late 2016 or early 2017.

We still may be able to update the app to include Apple Pencil support before the client would be replaced.

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That would be really nice. The pencil is easily the best stylus out on the market right now. Any plans to support split screen? Being able to go split view with Pleco would be enormously helpful.

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It’s still a bit too early to be able to definitively list all features that will be available, however split screen support is something that we will consider during development. (As a note, an added bonus with the new client is that it will allow us to push much more frequent updates).

I think the pen is way to expensive. I use a cheap stylist pen and it works fine.

I might retract what I just wrote though-looks like I’m getting the new pen in a week or so.

Still Combating the Code for iOS Apple Pencil Support? Possible to add as a minor update? Would really just like to be able to make all tappable areas (ie. forward and back, scoring, etc) work with the pencil.

Good pun! It is still possible another update will make it in before the client is inevitably replaced. We currently don’t have our hands on a device with Apple Pencil yet, which will be required to build the iOS html5 version with that support as well.