Are all the changes really necessary?

I’ve been on Skritter for a very long time. Given visual issues, I haven’t used it as much as I would have liked.

But every time I log on, every time I try to do anything, I find that critical functionality has been removed, and more bells and whistles added instead.

It’s fast reaching the point where doing anything on Skritter is so aggravating that I’m just not using it.

It’s the Apple model. Let’s make it new! Shiny! Non functional! and users will do what we tell them to!

I’ve contacted support, with no success. I never signed up for the beta, can’t get off it, and can’t use.

Today, I tried to create a list. And, apparently, I now have to paste in every character separately - since the slick, cool, hip, color coordinated, and useless interface won’t take a column of characters.

Guys - this is really asking that you listen to at least this user. Because I know from the increasingly negative feedback I’m seeing about Skritter than I’m not alone in this. You had the best language learning app every developed. You’ve screwed it up. Please don’t screw it up further.

The goal isn’t to remove anything, quite the opposite. The reason why things are missing is because 2.0 is still in beta, and everything has been implemented just yet. The ability to copy and paste words into a list section in bulk (or perhaps even improving this in the spirit of 2.0 to also allow importing from a text file) will absolutely be possible on the Android app. It’s currently possible on the 2.0 web in the meantime and on legacy. Instead of hiding things away until they are fully ready, we decided to allow the beta version to be used by those who wish to test it while it’s still in development, so bugs can be found faster, and suggestions can be made! It’s pretty silly to think the app would be created in any other fashion than what you all are wanting to see it turn into. The app is for the people, otherwise who is it for?

Regarding contacting support, I think I may recall you emailing wanting to revert back to the previous version, but for some reason the Google Play Store is bugged on your end and it’s not allowing you to revert back?

A large portion of “negative” feedback (if there is such a thing, all feedback is valuable negative or positive) may have originated from those who weren’t aware they can still use the original versions of Skritter, and were perhaps looking for a feature that hasn’t made it in just yet on the beta app. The website does default to the beta version when accessing, and unless clicking the “back to skritter 1.0” link at the top or typing the legacy URL manually, it could be possible they aren’t aware this is a beta version. If the beta version replaced the legacy versions and the legacy versions were inaccessible at this current stage of the beta versions, I absolutely understand where any complaints would be stemming from. The beta can be thought of an extra bonus you can choose or choose not to use while it’s being developed, and shouldn’t represent the final product and where it will end up, and shouldn’t impede on the original versions of Skritter.

Is there anything you like about the beta version? Maybe there are features you’ve been hoping for in Skritter, but weren’t possible before? 2.0 is forging the path for great things, and the original versions aren’t going anywhere until 2.0 is only superior in every way!

Yes, I’ve emailed half a dozen times about reverting of the beta for which I never signed up. The bug “isn’t on my end” it’s on your end, or Google’s end. You really are adopting the Apple model across the board. Any problem is the fault of the user.

But it’s like talking to a wall. Your users want an easy way to learn Chinese characters. They don’t want a cool interface or bells and whistles. That’s what the feedback I’m seeing says.

But you guys won’t listen. And sooner or later, someone else will come up with competition.

I emailed on more removed functionality - I now can’t paste a column of characters in. It’s transformed to a string. So, functionally, I’d have to paste in every character one by one.

I’ve taken the time to give you candid feedback. My time is valuable, and I won’t waste more of it. When you’ve got straightforward, effective competition, and start bleeding users, maybe you’ll revist this.


And no. The beta is not something I can choose. As I’ve tried - repeatedly - to communicate to you, it’s the only option on the App store.

Just to confirm, would the issues you’re running into be fixed by reverting back? Let’s figure out why the Play Store isn’t giving you the option to opt out of the beta! I would try deleting the app entirely, going to the Play Store page for Skritter (on the device itself), and looking for the “leave” button under the beta participation area. Here’s a link to a guide, (though I’m sure you’re already following these steps):

Another concerning thing is you should have had to opt-in (by pressing the button on the Play Store page) to grab the beta version, which also means you should be able to opt out. I realize you said you did not opt in. Since we don’t have control over this, have you tried contacting Google to see if they can spot why the Play Store isn’t acting correctly and allowing you to leave the beta participation? I wish we had the power on our end to be able to make changes on your device like that.

It looks like our correspondence regarding the Android beta left off with asking if it might be possible to get a screenshot of the beta participation area on the Play Store, though it doesn’t look like we received a response regarding this. I see you emailed about the bulk copy and pasting over the weekend which is why it’s taken a couple days to get a response. Sorry for the delay!

Would you be able to send a screenshot of the beta participation area on the Play Store page for Skritter (from your device)?

Regarding copy and pasting in bulk, this isn’t implemented into Android 2.0 (yet!) which is why you are running into that problem. You could use the 2.0 website instead, though. When you paste it into the input field (line by line text), it’ll show up like one string of text with a space between each word, but when you press enter it should add each word as a separate item.

I see you’ve been with us for quite some time, which explains the level of frustration a bit more, and of course the fact you’ve been unable to revert back versions and are forced to use something you haven’t been wanting to. I’ve extended your account’s subscription time (check your account to see by how much!), which I hope will alleviate a bit of the frustration.

I hope this truly doesn’t feel like talking to a wall, we’re trying our best to make sure the app is as great as possible, and I’m trying my best to find a solution for you.