Are stroke suggestions counted as errors?

I’ve been using Skritter every day and, although I usually remember nearly all my words, I still have abysmally low retention rates(hovering around 80 to 85 percent usually). I was wondering if this had to do with the site/app sometimes giving me a hint if it doesn’t get my stroke enough times. I noticed this only seems to happen on days where I use the site and not the app. My retention will be very low. For instance today I completed my reviews on my phone and had around 96 percent retention for characters. Then I went on my computer to study there and after about 40 minutes my retention had dropped to 83 percent. I had only ‘forgot’ maybe 2 or 3 words out of 150-200 so I’m curious what could have tanked my rate.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Auto adding and teaching mode are enabled on the web version-- if you did a website session and added a bunch of new things it’ll be marked as incorrect the first go. If you’re used to the mobile app, which has learning separate, it could account for the tank in retention rate.

Retention rate will soar again if you continue to mark the new things as correct!

Stroke suggestions don’t necessarily count against retention-- if a character is marked as green when you’re finished writing it, it’s still correct even if you had a stroke suggestion. The automatic grading of a character is based on how many failed stroke attempts there were when you wrote it (scaled at how many strokes total are in the character)

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