Association of unlearned words in multiple decks

When you mark a word as learned, regardless of which deck you learned it from, the associated decks can be seen in the stats tab, right? So if I learned a word from my own deck and it also appears in one of the HSK decks, I can look at that tab and identify which HSK level it is. My question is whether there is a way of showing the association to other decks before the word is marked as learned? I’ve created multiple topic based decks but I’m trying to work out how I can prioritise the lower HSK level words first - I just can’t seem to find a way of doing this (other than by exporting the lists and cross checking against each other, which is potentially super time consuming). Anyone any ideas? Thanks!

The Decks reviewing from stat only shows the decks that the word has been learned from, marked as learned from, or rejuvenated from. Our rejuvenation feature is a bit of a manual process at the moment, but our developers want to clean this up in the future.

If you learn a word/mark a word as learned, you will have to use the rejuvenate feature to mark it as learned in any other deck that it is in. When you go into a deck that has words that you have already learned, the rejuvenate feature will show up beneath the Due Cards. It will mention how many words you have already learned. You will need to tap rejuvenate. Then this deck will also show up under the Decks reviewing from.

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