Automatic audio and cursor vanishing

On running through the new HSK lists in learn mode, I notice that the audio is frequently skipping automatic readings. This hasn’t happened with other lists. If you press the audio button, it does work, but frequently not automatically.

Also, many times the cursor disappears when editing definitions and mnemonics on any list in mobile (Apple IOS). Pressing repeatedly gets it to show up.

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I had reported the cursor disappearing too….a couple months ago….never heard anything back.

The cursor is “still there”, as in: if you type, it enters text, but the cursor is invisible.

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I’ve searched through your emails and was able to find one about orientation lock on your iPad, but I can’t seem to track down a report about the cursor disappearing. We answer every email we get, and I really hope that you didn’t send an email that you didn’t hear anything back from.

@Therebackagain @Apomixis We’ll look into this!

I had reported it via in-app feedback in the beta app, but unfortunately, just deleted the beta and installed the production version yesterday, and no longer see the communication history.

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@Therebackagain any chance you can include a shareable link to the new HSK lists you’re seeing the issues on? Just wanna make sure we’re investigating on the correct deck(s). You can grab the universal links from Skritter website and getting the “Share URL” link from the tools on the left-hand side.

Thanks in advance!

In regard to the automatic cursor vanishing, I’ve seen the issue as well, but haven’t had a way to 100% reproduce it. Does either of you have steps to reproduce the bug? Would be super helpful in getting that pesky issue patched up!


Unfortunately, it’s intermittent. I only run into it about 20% of the time (guesstimating).

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Hey @Apomixis I was able to reproduce the bug and it seems to be something that is just an issue for iOS users. My reproduction steps are:

  1. Go to My Words
  2. Select a word
  3. Tap the edit icon
  4. Tap on any blank white area
  5. Tap on either the definition or mnemonic textarea

For me this was a way to 100% reproduce the issue. I was able to fix it by tapping on the other textarea and then tapping back on the one I wanted to edit from. Not ideal, but being aware might help mitigate some of the frustration. I’ll be working on a fix and hopefully can get that into the next release.


All three lists (so far) by @Hjet are posted in the thread “when will the new HSK lists make it into the app” in posts by @eenmarco and @Hjet

Here is the link to HSK 2 (new)

Also, no steps to reproduce the cursor bug, sorry. Just happens intermittently. If I really hold and press a few times or tap a lot I can sometimes get it to show up.

Thanks! Will load one of those decks up on a test account and see what’s going on :slight_smile:

@josh I don’t use the my words very much, so I have only noticed the problem when I was reviewing words and then hit the pencil icon.

But, following your guidance I see that if I am reviewing words and then hit the pencil icon, and then tap on the other fields that are not in the text entry box, and then tap on the entry box for the definition, that the cursor disappears.

Then if I tap in the mnemonic box and tap back on the definition box, usually the cursor will reappear.

But then by tapping anything else the copies the contents to the clipboard, and then tapping on the definition box, the cursor appears to vanish again

Are you still running into audio issues on these decks? I just loaded up the deck on my test account and did a learning activity, and didn’t hear any audio skips for any of the cards. I learned six items overall, but I’m happy to try any specific vocabulary that you’re running into the skipping audio on.

I’ll let you know if I continue to encounter it.

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