Back Button sometimes not working

I‘m currently studying the JLPT4, JLPT3 and JLPT2 (2009) lists and I noticed that sometimes the back button is not working correctly. When hitting the back button it sometimes does not display the previous kanji, instead a totally different kanji is getting displayed.
Some examples for which the button did not work correctly:


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Thanks for your report! Is this the iOS beta or the Android beta app? Also, could it be possible that when you’re tapping the back button, and then it shows you a different character then the previous prompt, that you’re tapping the canvas and not the back button (which would cause the prompt to advance and show a different character)?

Hi Jeremy,

I’m using the iOS beta on an iPhone 8.
No, I made sure that I tapped the back button. I also just retested it. Another example is 勤め .
Strange that it only happens for some Kanji.