"Basic Writing" option not preserved

In 3.3.7, I can turn on “Basic Writing”, but on every fresh start of the app (i.e. when I get the Skritter Chinese splash screen) the “Basic Writing” option will be turned off again.

Thanks for the report. I’ve opened an issue and we’ll get it patched up and included in the next beta update, which we’ll be rolling out as soon as we can.

Same issue for me: “Basic Writing” option keep being resetted.

Yup. We found the oversight and will get it patched up. Sorry about that!

Hey everyone! We wanted to let you know this is fixed up on the latest beta update, which is already available on Android and still pending approval on iOS. :slight_smile:


I confirm the issue is now fixed, thanks!


Was just about to report this but saw that it’s fixed and updated already. Thanks for the quick response!

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