Beginner/graded reader


I’m somewhat surprised that both “graded” and “reader” return 0 results on this forum! I’ve been studying Mandarin on and off for years, but recently found the need to learn some Japanese.

On the Chinese side, I’m making my way through the excellent Mandarin Companion series. For context, these are well known English language stories translated, adapted and localised to China, so that the stories are set in a Chinese environment with Chinese characters. This is far more enjoyable than every other graded reader I’ve encountered.

Is there something similar for Japanese? What are you folks reading?



Hmm, I’m not really familiar with any graded readers that switch out the environment for a Japanese one, but while not a graded reader you could check out the 世界の昔話 section of a site called 福娘童話, here’s a link:

They’re pretty easy to read, but still intended for a native reader. It might also help if pick stories you’re already familiar with to help set context, too

I’d be interested in what others are reading as well!


Thanks Jeremy, I’ll check that out.

Apologies for my late response - I completely forgot I posted this!