Beta Release Notes: 3.5.5 (300464)

A new patch update is out for beta testing on iOS and Android today. Here are some detailed notes about what’s included in the build, and what to be on the lookout for.

What’s in the build

  • Google and Facebook sign-on support

You can now link your Skritter account to Google/Facebook and speed up the login process. In order to take advantage of SSO, just make sure that your Skritter email address matches your Google/Facebook account (you can update your email address on the User Settings screen, or on the website here.

Note: SSO will not work if you have multiple Skritter accounts that share the same email address. Reach out to if you need assistance and we’ll try and help!

  • Added Change Password support on the User Settings screen

  • Added section-level “Video” chips for all decks that contain videos in deck sections (ex. Animal Idiom Course, Chinese Character Course, Learning Japanese Through Music)

  • Updated Rejuvenation alert to include the ability to rejuvenate decks directly

The app will now allow you to rejuvenate a deck or deck section and mark items you’ve studied from other decks from the alert. This can still be done from the Deck Options menu if you hide the alert or want to manage rejuvenation on a section-by-section basis).

That’s all for now. Happy testing and happy studying!



@SkritterJake Did Apple Sign-On get fixed? In the past you had to use Apple Sign on twice, separate uses, first for ID and a second time for the Password.

That wasn’t directly addressed in this update. We actually added Google and Facebook buttons that bypass the username and password fields entirely.

We’re planning on including Apple as a button as well in the future, but it sounds like we’ll have to look into the issue you described in more detail. My quick test last night wasn’t helpful because my Apple Password manager is a hot mess right now :sweat_smile:

@SkritterJake To clarify, this actually isn’t the Apple single sign-on option (sign in with Apple), but rather the regular Apple password manager option for logging in to Skritter app on iOS/iPadOS.

Details from my original report post: Feb 2019

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I see beta 465 just popped up with a “Log in with Apple” logo, but it’s still not working with the Apple keychain.

1). It doesn’t look for the key if it’s already there, so I have to manually select it
2). Once I select it, it “appears” to fill in both the username and password borders, but when you try to authenticate, you get a Skritter error that you have to enter a password
3). Clicking on the password box and re-manually pulling the keychain password then allows one to log in.
4). Doesn’t save and remember which key to pull even though it successfully logged in.

Thanks for the details! We won’t have that fixed up in this build/release, but I will make sure that we get an issue open for it. That is a different can of worms from SSO stuff.

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Since the latest beta is only valid for 12 more days in TestFlight, I would like to ask you about the current status. Could you kindly share your current plans for new features and updates? Thanks!

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If the beta build expires, you should hop over to the production build!