Beta Skritter Not Adding Words Automatically?

I’ve had to switch over to Beta exclusively due to a corporate forced iOs 12 upgrade. I’m noticing a huge difference in behavior for adding new words. After 30 minutes of study today, I haven’t gotten a single new word from any of my active lists. The old app would add words steadily after I got through my reviews for the day.

When I look at stats online, it says I have studied 384/100 items today. However, it also says I have 240 items for review - and this number isn’t going down no matter how much I review.

Do I really have that huge a huge backlog of reviews? Or is Beta stuck in a review loop?

beta word adding isn’t working so well

switch your settings to manually adding words
add words manually
logout and login again after adding words (otherwise you won’t get drawing practice)

also you can use the website until the next beta version comes, which might fix some of these problems

Thanks kokaku. Yep, knew about the logout/login thing. Glad to know new word adding isn’t just me, though. I can manually add now, but it’s still frustrating, esp. given all these little issues that keep piling up. Can’t wait for the next beta snap!