Better error handling when API has issues?

Obviously networks these days are quite stable, but still, network flakiness sometimes happens, either on the user’s side, or skritter’s. I’m using 2.0 btw.

Periodically skritter will pause and sync…this is when I usually find out there is an issue, because it’ll just hang endlessly. I’ll then have to use chrome’s javascript console to see if there were API errors… this is a pretty bad user experience! User’s shouldn’t have to go into their browser’s debugger to know there is an issue…

I propose two things to make this better

  1. surface these errors! instead of just hanging endlessly, let the user know what’s going on with some messages. ESPECIALLY once skritter has “given up” and will essentially just spin endlessly, requiring the user to refresh the page.
  2. the user shouldn’t have to refresh the page :slight_smile: if there are issues, there should be a “try again” button. For example: they realize there is a transient issue on their side (say, with their router or something). skritter fails, and per 1, gives them a helpful error. There is also a button “reestablish connection” which they can click to ideally try and get skritter back into a stable state.

Thoughts? I know I’m sharing a lot of threads but I’ve been using the app really heavily for a bit and these have all been some major pain points.

Hey jco, these are all good points, thanks for the feedback! We have some auto-retry code for certain situations, and if we detect network instability early on, we do display a popup with a try again button. But we don’t do this in all cases and it could certainly be improved going forward.

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