Better flow for updating tones

As I’ve moved past HSK6 and the more established lists, I’ve hit a ton of words with the wrong tones…right now, this is a bit cumbersome to fix. My current flow is: use my phone (!) to take a photo of the entry with the wrong tone, screen shot a dictionary, then send an email to your support.

I have a ton of these still outstanding, which is not a slam on your support, but I do think it’s an indication that this flow is not ideal. I guess I don’t know how many people report these issues! Maybe it’s not many, so not worth a good flow, but to me the ideal would be: you click a button in the app to report a tone issue. I guess you’d need a way to enter what you think it should be and why (a common one has been taiwan vs mainland pronunciations…I believe that mainland should be the standard, and taiwan should be annotated, and this is what the bulk of your better maintained definitions follow). Then, there should be a page that has all such edits and let’s you know if they’ve been implemented (or rejected).

Like I said, maybe this is a niche enough thing that it’s not worth streamlining, but I feel like a dick pinging your support person asking if they’ve done so and so tone etc. It’s not a great flow.


Jonathan-- you send in a very large number of corrections which we highly appreciate, however there can be a brief turnaround rate for these as there are other issues to tackle besides corrections. Besides the fact we’re an extremely small team, I would say this flow is working perfectly. One thing we might consider is to hook you up with baller access so you could make these changes on your own if a waiting period is unacceptable for them to be tended to. Also, you can ping us as much as you’d like-- we won’t be bothered or take it the wrong way!

No worries. Like I said – if the current process isn’t too cumbersome for y’all, I’m fine with it. And I’ll make sure not to feel to weird about pestering :slight_smile:



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