Blocking characters to pop up in study list

Should this topic be already discussed to death, please feel free to remove it :slight_smile:

I would call myself an advanced learner of Chinese and I picked up Skritter to fight the common “can-only-type-characters”-problem. However, there are of course characters I know how to write to death and I would like them to stop showing up in the study list. The ideal solution for me would be, that if a compound word contains a character I know, the program only ask me to study the unfamiliar word.
Yes, I know you can ban characters, but that doesn’t really seem to work for me. It seems to ban the word, not certain characters and even then, they still show up (apparently you have to ban them for each category you study?)

You can ban a specific prompt type, however there isn’t a way to ban a single character from a multi character word. You could skip past any well known character in a multi character prompt (which counts the skipped prompt as correct) by tapping the right arrow icon on the canvas, though.

ok, that’ll work with me