Book pinyin vs Skritter pinyin

I am using Skritter for the “Practical Audio-Visual Chinese” series of books.

Sometimes the pinyin in the book disagrees with skritter.
For example 照顧 in the book is zhàogù but on skritter it is zhàogu.
Using the computer to type 照顧, I use 2 4th tones. Which leads me to believe the book is correct and skritter is wrong.

Is there anyway I can edit the answer to match the book? I don’t want to have to also remember which tones get omitted (there is enough to remember!)


In general, you can’t change the reading of characters and words, although we are discussing to introduce that function for the very reason you mention. There are several standards and sometimes that leads to problems if some students want to use one standard (e.g. mainland) and others want to use another standard (e.g. Taiwan).

In the particular case you mentioned, though, the standards agree that it should be two fourth tones so it’s just wrong in Skritter. I have already fixed that, but if you’re on a mobile device, the update won’t take effect until tomorrow and you may have to clear local data to see it. Thanks for reporting!

If you want to know more about which standards we use, please check this blog post.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I think a nice feature for IOS/Android (or the website) could be a “Report error” or “Wrong tone” button. That would be an efficient way to report errors. The most common seems to be the 2nd character in a word changing from 4th to neutral tone.

In the meantime, I change the definition and add “(4/4)” to remind myself of the tones, and also mark it as correct to agree with the book.

There already is such a function (correction), both on the website and the iOS app (although it hasn’t found it’s way to Android yet). Also, the system is sophisticated enough to handle some neutral tone issues. For example, if we have set a word to use a neutral tone, we can also flag that word so that it accepts full tones as well. To do that, though, we need to know about the issues, so reporting is essential!

Ok that’s cool! I use Android about 90% of the time and the website 10%. I’m using it at the moment but I can’t seem to locate the report button.

I think I just found it, you click on the character and open up a new screen at the “correction button” is at the bottom.

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Yes. You can also send e-mails to if you want.