[Breaking Bug] Some High-Frequency Cards are Broken

Hey, I noticed a couple weeks ago that the “我” card was broken, so any time it appeared as a character in a word – Skritter would just go blank and I could not draw any strokes on the card. The only thing I could do was press the “next” button to skip it.

About a week later, the same issue began occurring with “好” card. This only happens during the writing seconds.

Now, it’s much worse, as suddenly the screen goes completely white and I don’t even have the option to skip the card.

I also noticed a separate but possibly related bug that sometimes occurred: after skipping/passing the bugged wo/hao cards, and moving on, some of the writing would begin stacking on top of each other.

Please see the following videos illustrating the bugs:


And since I can only put two links in a post it seems like, replace one of the links with the following hash to get the third video: 1ub7TxdAiA-9tl4udgDD4f_4q5wAQ_02s

I’m on Android version 3.5.4 (300451)

Hopefully this can be resolved quickly as it’s preventing me from studying several cards now (and in the last case, blocking my review queue entirely unless I block the card I suppose).


Did you try resetting local data (settings / user tab) as a possible workaround? Or a full app delete/reinstall? (That doesn’t address the buggy behavior, but perhaps gets you up and working again)

Hey, I haven’t tried that yet cause I didn’t want to run the risk of deleting any of my data/progress. Do either of those options have the potential to do it?

I’ve been mostly able to get around the breaking behavior by skipping the card (or blocking it, in the case of it whiting out the screen) so I haven’t resorted to any resets or anything like that yet

Some data was accidentally uploaded which caused the issue you’re running into, however logging out and logging in will fix the behavior. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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I’ve deleted and reinstalled a lot (switching between beta version and production version) with no issues.

I also have done a local data refresh monthly for about 6 months.

I’ve never had any issues.

However, if there was a bug causing your mobile account to not sync with the server, then theoretically, there could be data only on your phone. You can force a sync on the mobile app by hitting the “circle arrow” in the upper-right corner.

When you study offline without an internet connection, Skritter buffers the data and then syncs to the server later, when you have an internet connection again.

But if you go to your online (web) Skritter account’s Stats page, there’s a calendar showing what days you studied. If you studied on your phone today, then the calendar should show that if your phone sync’ed to the server and marked today’s date with a colored icon.

Thanks, this worked! Glad it was a simple fix and I’m a bit curious how it was caused from an engineering perspective hahah.

One last thing – after logging out and in, I’m noticing a new “trailing streak” effect as I’m writing. Honestly I’m finding it a bit distracting / maybe even slightly motion sickness inducing, but I played around toggling the different writing settings and I can’t seem to disable it. Any way to do that?

Would you be able to upload a video of what you mean?

I also encountered this problem with any words that involve the character 好. However, it was not enough for me to log out and log in again. I find that I also have to switch off “basic writing” and use the flashier writing. (I prefer the basic writing.) After I get past the card then I can’t switch back to basic writing again.

So, something seems like it is still broken for that character, when using basic writing.

Hi, sorry about that. The character should be fixed up to work with basic writing, try it again now!

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