Bug fix-- most recent day's progress stats now show on the correct day

We pushed some updates to the website stats pages today to fix a few long-standing bugs!

  1. Minutes per day now correctly calculates based on what day of the month it is rather than taking the whole month into account.
  2. Study progress bar for the day (in this case Thursday 11/19) will now correctly display data

Happy skrittering!


I guess this is the right place for some feature requests for this exact graph then?

The graph kinda implodes if you try and display stats for more than a week (usually the bar graphs just freezes, but the hours studied slowly ticks up to the expected number), is that an intrinsic limitation of the plotting mechanism used?

For this exact plot, I think a line graph would be a bit better - easier to plot periods of time for any number of days…

Progress page is gonna get a full overhaul when we switch the website to be more like the mobile app. In the meantime, I’d still recommend going to legacy.skritter.com for better date-range stats reporting.

Not ideal, but at least it’ll show a little better data in the meantime!

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