Bug - new words added without "learning them"

Hi, I’ve been using Skritter for some months now, but it’s the first time I’m writing here!
I use the app on my android device, and I noticed that recently, while studying from a deck, the app will adopt a strange behaviour.
I always learn 2 words per day, as I found it is the most sustainable rhythm for me, but sometimes, while studying the 2 words I have to learn on a given day, the app will automatically add a third word to the review deck, as if I’d learned that one too.
It is quite annoying as it breaks my rhythm and, of course, there’s no option to “unlearn words”.
Is this a known bug? I’ve only experienced it in the last month or so…

We are not currently aware of any bugs that are causing this type of issue. Could you message us at team@skritter.com with some more details? Emailing us will allow us to look at your account. In the email, could you let us know if there is a specific deck that this is happening to? Also, if possible, could you provide us with some specific examples of words that have shown up for review without being learned? Thanks!

This seems to happen to me frequently with custom decks, especially with words I learned before but reset (so they aren’t rejuvenate-able but I still have review stats for them in the database).

I think it happens when I go to “Learn” a deck section, tap Mark as Learned on a few cards, then the last card that was displayed will get added to my reviews even though I didn’t tap Mark as Learned on it.

I don’t really have any better information to track down the bug. but I’ll try to remember to post here if I notice it again.

Agree, I’ve had this happen to me, but haven’t been able to explain where it comes from. For example 愛 popped up in my review decks and I never learnt it. Whatever, bonus word lol

Yes, this just randomly keeps happening, like once every ten days… hope it gets fixed as updates roll out!
I contacted team@skritter.com, but they were unable to find a solution, we’ll see, I guess…

We’re still trying to figure out what is causing this issue but are having troubles reproducing it on our end. If you’re still seeing this issue it’d help us out if you can reach out to team@skritter.com citing the specific unwanted words that were marked as learned. We can then try to look at the logs to see how these unwanted words might have been automatically added.

You can reference this forum post to make it more clear that this is the issue you’re experiencing without needing to explain everything again.

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I just experienced the same error again some minutes ago, I sent the email with the details like you asked. Thank you!

We think we might have uncovered what is causing unwanted characters/words to be automatically marked as learned. It looks like it’s likely related to an “Add word frequency” setting which can be found on our website. If you change it to “Manual” then click save we think this should fix the issue within the mobile app. You can access it from here: https://skritter.com/account/settings/study

Screenshot 2023-05-08 at 1.10.08 PM

Keep in mind this will disable the automatic word adding feature on the website so you’ll need to manually add things using the plus button. We’re going to work on a more elegant fix but hopefully this workaround helps in the meantime. If you’re still experiencing this issue let us know at team@skritter.com.

We’ve also created a document which includes more information about this issue and will continue to update it as we learn more. You can find it here: Unexpected words being added after learning activity - Skritter

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Wow, thanks a lot guys! I tried changing the setting, I’ll post here again in like a month or so to let you know if I had any additional issues… thanks!

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