Bug - new words added without "learning them"

Hi, I’ve been using Skritter for some months now, but it’s the first time I’m writing here!
I use the app on my android device, and I noticed that recently, while studying from a deck, the app will adopt a strange behaviour.
I always learn 2 words per day, as I found it is the most sustainable rhythm for me, but sometimes, while studying the 2 words I have to learn on a given day, the app will automatically add a third word to the review deck, as if I’d learned that one too.
It is quite annoying as it breaks my rhythm and, of course, there’s no option to “unlearn words”.
Is this a known bug? I’ve only experienced it in the last month or so…

We are not currently aware of any bugs that are causing this type of issue. Could you message us at team@skritter.com with some more details? Emailing us will allow us to look at your account. In the email, could you let us know if there is a specific deck that this is happening to? Also, if possible, could you provide us with some specific examples of words that have shown up for review without being learned? Thanks!