Bugs with Skritter

Hello all.

I have two big bugs right now.

First one, Skritter 2.0 says I have 1030 items due while my app ( Skritter 1.0) says I only have a few. I am using it regularly and adding words. I restarted my progress a few times.

The Second bug, after I tried the beta App I had to switch back to Skritter 1.0 due to aforementioned bug and now my setting doesn`t save and always switch back to base setting when I start studying.

English is not my native language, sorry for any mistake.

Hey there!

It sounds like you might have reset your study data from the 2.0 site? A bug is being tackled where items aren’t being properly reset which should hopefully be fixed soon. In the meantime it should be working correctly on the legacy site.

Regarding the second bug, which settings aren’t being saved?
・Do they save at first, but then revert back?
・If they do save at first, but then revert back, at which point in time do you notice they aren’t saved anymore?

They reset when I leave the setting window, like I never changed them. I usually try to change the Auto limit and Grading color settings to 50 and On. Never works

Are things saving for you now? There was a bug that snuck into the api that was preventing some settings from saving.

It´s fixed already.
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