Bulk add no longer working?

I tried to post this in the Skritter Website category but it’s been 6 days and no one responded so I’ll try here.

I was trying to add the wordlist from the TOCFL B2 since the most recent one already created is from 2014 (and also only had 2500 words when the list on the official website has 5000), but every time I bulk add words to the 1.0 website, it only accepts the first word. I’ve tried both tab and enter to create a new line, adding commas and slashes. It literally only ever adds the first word. I absolutely do not have the time to manually add 5000 words so I’m hoping this will be fixed.

Does the same thing happen on Website 2.0?

I was told before bulk add didn’t work on Website 2.0

Yeah I just checked. There’s no bulk add function on 2.0

I’m able to bulk add using 2.0. Have you tried separating words with spaces?

Wow, I’ve tried to bulk add there before, but it must have been awhile ago because I couldn’t! This time I could! Thank you :smile:

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yeah I just had the same experience; wouldn’t work in 1.0 legacy web site but I could bulk add words in 2.0 . Even that was a bit buggy though.

A bit buggy is severely understating things. I have been trying to add the same 40 words for half an hour and it JUST KEEPS FREEZING. It also, for some reason, won’t recognize different fonts? I don’t really know why the when I copy words from the .doc and paste into Skritter the font changes for some but that freaks out the system and it says word not found. Anytime I try to correct a word I KNOW Skritter already has in the system (北方 and 便利) the whole thing freezes and I have to refresh which means none of the 40 words I’ve added get saved. If I save it without adding these words I have no way of knowing which words didn’t get added to the list.

I’m pretty sure the main thing stopping up the system is when I try to move words around in the order. If I just enter and save without actually moving anything it (mostly) doesn’t freeze.

Maybe you can avoid the font change freakout by first converting the content from a .doc file to plain text. Just a hunch.

So I’m adding vocab from a pdf which is badly formatted so I can only copy 40 or so words at a time. I’m not exactly sure what I’d have to do to convert those copied word to plain text, but I’m pretty sure it’s not worth my time when I have thousands of words to enter.

In case it’s any use, here’s a plaintext version of the TOCFL list I made from the official April 2018 spreadsheet:


IIRC, it’s in Pleco flashcard format. Unfortunately, it’s in the spreadsheet order which is not the greatest learning order at the higher levels.

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