Calligraphy and Art (Skritter style)

Starting with our 3.5.0 mobile release, there’s a new canvas setting–stylus input, which, if you have a supported device*, allows for more precise, variable-width lines. Between this and rawest squigs mode, you can make some beautiful Skritter calligraphy! Post your best artistic renditions below!

My attempt:

美, digital, 2020

*For iOS, this means any iPhone after the 6s (inclusive) with any aftermarket stylus, or an iPad with an Apple Pencil or aftermarket stylus. For Android, this mostly means the Samsung Galaxy Note series with the S pen input. Unfortunately, Android device support for pressure-sensitive input is limited at this time, so an aftermarket stylus will likely not be able to take advantage of this feature. As far as I’m aware, the Note with an S pen is the only mass-market Android device that reliably gives pressure-sensitive input data. I would love to find out otherwise, so if you have a device not listed above and find that it seems to be supported with stylus input mode, post below and let us know!


狗, digital, 2020
Device: 2020 iPad Pro 12.9" w/ Apple Pencil 2

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FACE, my daughter, digital, 2020 :rofl:


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