Can I add a finished list to queue for review


It seems like I cannot add a finished list to queue again? However, I’d like to review some of the old lists, could you please advise on how I can do that?


As far as I know the finished lists are already in the queue. When I look at my dashboard the finished lists are in the section called “Reviewing words from” and when the words in these lists are due the app asks me to write them. Perhaps you have already got them right so many times that Skritter doesn’t think you need to review them very often? In that case you can always click on the list you want (dashboard or lists page on the skritter website) and then on the “study now” button. This way you get to review only the selected list. In the ios app it is possible to select several lists at the same time. I think this functionality is called advanced study options or something similar. I haven’t seen this in the Android app so if you are using an android device you need to use your phone/tablet browser.

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Good advice, @Procellis! Words from finished lists will still show up in your queue, if you aren’t seeing any words from the finished lists it would mean the words aren’t due for review just yet. We’re working on an update for the mobile apps that will let you study a list section outside of the scheduling system, so you could study something even if it’s not due for review yet!

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