Can I export the words that I've successfully learned?


A native chinese speaker is willing to help me text in chinese, but she is asking what words have I learned…
Is there an easy way to export the list of words that Skritter deems as learned?


@problemasmem You sure can! Just go to My Words on the Skritter website and find Export Words on the left-hand side under Tools. Be sure to click All to get the full .csv file.


Hello Jake,

I am a regular Skritter student in Chinese learning. last year, I was able to export Skritter word lists into*.csv file, and then open them using M/S Excel, to do further formatting, etc. The first column would normally be the word list in Chinese characters.

But, this years, when I again export Skritter words list, when I open the file using M/S Excel, as I did last year, I find the first columns contain unreadable gibberish. Columns 2 and subsequent columns are showing English items correctly.

Please advise what I should do to get the Chinese characters to show.



Hi Luther!

Were you using the export feature on 1.0 or 2.0? Also, what is the name of the list you are wanting to export? I’ll see about reproducing this!