Can I look up a word I have not added?

Is there a way (app, website) to look up an arbitrary item to see if it’s in a Skritter list?

The original use case was that I was trying to find a few words that used some less-frequent characters and see if they were on any of the HSK lists. However, I only can search words that are already added to my Flashcards.

Is there a way to “arbitrarily” see what lists words are on in the Skritter database? Or check even if a word is already in the database?


You can do this over at

If you search for a word and it’s able to find it, it’s currently in the database (otherwise it wouldn’t show the result)

If you click on a word, it’ll pull up the detailed info which will show you all of the lists the word has been added from. There’s not a way to check if it’s in other lists you’re not adding from, or if the word hasn’t been added to your studies yet from the list, it unfortunately won’t say which list it’s in.

You can do this on the modern website as well, however it only shows the one most recent list that it’s adding from


Excellent! Very helpful! Any plans on making that capability part of the latest app’s MyWords?

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