Can my deleted list be recovered?

I just mistakenly deleted a list on ios (the UI is terrible and tricked me into it).

Can it be recovered? it was called components.

I don’t see it listed under deleted lists…

The mobile UI, here’s why it sucks… I selected a character in my list and hit Delete. It deletes the entire friggin list! And not just the list it removed 200 characters and all the progress from my studies.

Look how utterly retarded this UI is. I selected a character in the list and hit delete… you’d expect it to delete that single character right? NOPE. It deleted the entire list and reset my progress on all 200 characters. Cannot believe the level of bugs and crap in this app.

No-where on the delete modal does it mention how many characters are selected.

It looks like you’ve restored the Components list, are you still running into any issues restoring progress?

The “Delete” button up top does delete the entire list, however if you’re looking to just delete some words from the list, you could use the “Edit This List” button in the upper right hand corner above the list contents.

Have you checked out the beta app for iOS? I think you’ll find the UI is much better! :slight_smile:
You can sign up at: