Can no longer log into legacy site

The password is wrong, it says.

It looks like you recently reset your password. Is it your old password, reset password or both that are giving you this error message?

When I log in to the new site, everything is okay. When I then click on the Back to 1.0 button, I get this error. This is since this morning. Yesterday everything was still working.

It might be best to discuss password related things via email. I’m noticing that your account password field looks a bit strange in the database and would like to try and figure out how that might have happened. Can you recall changing any specific settings between then and now that might help me debug things a bit more?

You can try using the password reset option and logging in through using it or I can help you out via email. You can contact us at:

What may be an issue is the fact that I have two accounts: one for Japanese and one for Chinese. Does that help? If so, please contact me via my registered e-mail address.

Okay, here’s the deal: adding words on the 2.0 site no longer works. It does nothing. Adding words on the 1.0 is impossible, as I can’t log in there anymore.

It looks like this is a password issue, I’ll contact you via email opposed to on the forum since it’s much more secure!

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