Can quick add be undone?

I accidentally clicked on the quick add button as I tried clicking on the character. I tried clicking on the button to undue what I did but it just told me it was already added and asked me if I wanted to “add it anyway”. I am not sure how to undue what I did or if it can be undone (can it be undone?). It’s not a big deal but I felt it should have put up a warning if it can not be reversed or have given me the option to undue it.

I’d say the best solution is to ban the item when it pops up, or you could go into the list it was added to, and then revert the change by removing the last item added.

I don’t want the ban anything out of the fear I will need to unban the word at some point and won’t remember to add it. There isn’t a list of banned words that can easily be looked at is there? It would be really useful if such a list existed and if it had options like re add to list when (all prior items in list that have not been banned have been learned, after a certain period of time, or add after certain characters have been learned). While I am only studying one list now how would I know what list it was added to if I were studying more than one? Also how do I remove the last item added to a list?

You can view all of your banned items and unban them at:, on the left hand side under “Banned”. It’s not as smart as what you describe though, so you would have to manually unban them.

Quick adding by default goes to the “Miscellaneous” list, unless you’ve switched which list it’s being directed to, which in that case it’ll keep sending words to the end of that list until respecified again. You can check which word has been added to the end of a list by going to the list’s page by clicking it’s name, and then the “List changes” option on the left hand side. Alternatively you could look at the last word in the last list section.

It looks like you haven’t started studying the Miscellaneous list, so to view it you can go to, and then access it under the “Made By Me” section.

Also, if you try to add an item that was banned to a list, it will warn you that the item is banned.

Thanks that helped a lot. :grinning:

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