Can’t submit pics from beta

I’ve checked and haven’t seen this issue elsewhere, so opening a new topic.

When I take a screenshot of a problem, the app no longer offers the option of submitting the photo to Skritter.

I just get the regular save pic etc options.

Best guess is that you’re on the production build and not the beta. If you open TestFlight and select the latest build you’ll probably get a warning that you have the other version installed, and it’ll ask if you’d like to proceed.

We have Update alert system that we use in the app now, but it cannot differentiate between production and beta builds.

Ah, ok, will try that. I update with TestFlight regularly so thought I had done so this time.

Let me know if that does the trick!

If it doesn’t work, I don’t think there is anything we can do about it, since that was a TestFlight feature and not a Skritter one, but Apple will probably patch it up at some point.

Sorry posted this in wrong forum earlier.

Hmmm… TestFlight gives me version 3.5.2 as the latest version, then when I open it it gives me a notice that takes me to the App Store to update again there.

Is the AppStore version 3.5.3? And if I update there, will I have the beta or standard app?

App Store version is 3.5.3 and contains a fix for logged out guest users, which is why it went directly to production.

You don’t need to update it if you don’t mind the update notice and want to send screenshots via beta.

Ok thanks. I’ll keep it at beta

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