Can the app add only Definition, Tones and Reading when there are too many characters not learned yet?


I do have several questions about the app.

First will the app auomatically add new Cards, that I will review or do I have to do this manually? If it happens automatically, then when does the app do this. Does it look that I have learned enough of the current cards and only adds then new cards?

And then I also want to learn Definition, Tones and Reading quicklier than Characters but I still want to learn characters. Can the app do this that there are always a certain amount of characters to learn and only new Definition, Tones and Reading cards are added? The point is that I want to learn Definition, Tones and Reading of new words before I learn the characters to take the computer HSK test but anyway want to learn characters just not that quickly as I learn Definition, Tones and Reading as this can be learned much faster than characters.

For the newest app, you add cards yourself. There is no auto-adding.

When you review, you can select individual things to review, so if you don’t want to review tones or writing, you can turn off the 4 components separately. When you add the cards, they are still added to your learning, but you only review what you select. Each time you review, it gives you the option of turning them off (first screenshot).

There is also a master set of switches to turn off the elements so you don’t even add those items when you learn things. (Second screenshot)

what I want is that If I add 200 words I dont have to learn direct Writing, Definition, Tones and Reading but only Definition, Tones and Reading of all and Writing for a smaller amount so that Writing always lags behind and my Definition, Tones and Reading ability progresses faster than the writing ability.

I don’t know of any way to automate the delay in learning that you’re asking for. It would be a manual process (described below).

You can turn off the writing at the main setting, and then the new items will add tones/definition/reading but will not add writing to your learning. Later, when you want to add writing for characters, you can turn the writing component back on, and re-learn the items, which will then add the writing component.

Have you downloaded the app and just tried to do it? It might be easier to understand by working through it on Skritter where you can see the interface.