Can we get an official response by the skritter team?

Seems the skritter team is more active on reddit then their own forums or blogs as they have at least responded there. I mean there is not even a post on the blog so somehow this seems rushed at best…

I would like to know how soon I can expect to have a working semi-offline skritter experience with background audio in a study interface which actually works?
This is what I until 2 days ago payed you $15/month for.

If this is not expected in the next few days I want to know how I can get a refund of my 15$ for this month as I can no longer use the application.
The claims of side loading the the old application does not work on my phone (I tried and got an error, see my previous post).

But I need to know NOW as I use this for studying I am currently not able to learn my homework which means I will fail my test with in terms means I will fail my course.
This is rather urgent for me, even if it is not for the skritter team.

Lastly I would like to point out the reason for “hostility” is the lack of confidence I have in the skritter developer as they have repeatedly for a long time responded to most issues with “yeah we know, we will fix it, use the legacy version” but thus far no fixes have been apparent. Or as they have done here on the forums: not even bothering to reply…

All this begs the question: why?
I can think of three reasons off the top of my head:

  • Security incident forcing them to close down the API quicker then expected.
    In which case it might be reasonable to act with haste.
  • Accidental “not click the beta button”.
    In which case it might be prudent to say “sorry, we messed up”
  • Financial/staffing/* troubles forcing them to release the new version early as the developer is rolling off.
    In which case we need to start looking elsewhere…

// Michael Medin

You think they no longer got away with people pasting sentences from dictionaries and then claiming it was merely user-generated content?

Pushing the new version was over zealous, we’re extremely sorry and embarrassed. You can uninstall the newest version and then download the APK for the previous version here:

The app will be rolling back to the previous version in the next 12-24 hours as well.

I’ve refunded the subscription charge for you.

Skritter office hours are Monday-Friday, and it was a giant mistake releasing this during the weekend. Many of the things have been fixed along the way, and the legacy response is to let one know that a version with a feature they are seeking can be used immediately opposed to waiting until it can be fixed. There have been a many things requiring work on the backend which are unfortunately not user facing and are required to progress the application further. You can view a list of development commits as they happen at:

We did mess up. Saying sorry would be an understatement. This doesn’t have anything to do with security, legal or staffing troubles, this was a completely unintended result by releasing the beta to production too early and we hope you can forgive us moving forward.