Can't add new words

I just started using skritter and loved the trial version. However after I bought the half year subscription I became unable to add new words. I can add new words using only computer version, but I prefer studying with my Android phone instead. Is there any way how to add new words when using Android app or how to fix this problem? I have automatic word adding which does not work and if I try to add words manually that also does not work. Should I stop using the app?

Welcome to Skritter! :smiley:

I’ve taken a look at your account, however it looks like everything should be working correctly. As a first thought, it could be possible you’re logged in as a separate account on the Android app versus web version. I recommend logging out, and then logging back in with your username (kanjiotaku).

By the way, are you using the 2.0 beta app for Android, or the legacy android app?

Thank you for your reply. I am logged in both android app and web version simultaneously maybe using a separate account which causes the problem. I logged in the web version because I wanted to look example sentences while studying.

I am not using 2.0 beta app or legacy app. How can I try them?

The original version of the Android app (legacy) can be downloaded directly from the Play Store. You can opt in to the 2.0 Android app by going to the Play Store page for Skritter (from your device), and then by tapping the “I’m in” button under the beta participation area, at the bottom of the Play Store page.

Did logging out of both the Android app and the web version (and then back in as the username “kanjiotaku”) seem to fix the problem?

Yes, my problem is now fixed. Thank you for your help! I guess I’ll try the beta version too.

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How do you log out of the IOS version of Skritter running on the iPad? I think I have the same problem as it wont let me add words to the list I have created.

Hi Roy,

Our beta application does not support list creation at the moment. You can try using the official app in the iTunes store or by visiting the website and adding items to the list from there. is written using html5 so can access it on iPad as long as you have internet connection.

With that said, steps to log out will depend on the app.

For the iTunes version of the app you’ll do the following
Open App -> Open Settings -> Select Account -> Select Change User -> Logout

For Mobile Beta (version 3.0.11)
Select the hamburger drawer on the top-left side of the screen. The last button on the list will be Logout.

Hope that helps!


Thanks I managed to find the logout link following the above and it all works fine.

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