Can't add 乾 to a study list

I’m trying to add the character 乾 to my study list. 乾 as in one of the Eight Trigrams, not as in the traditional version of 干. The problem is that whenever I try to add the character, Skritter tries to be ‘helpful’ and translates it to 干. Is there a trick to get it to stop doing that? I’m having the same problem trying to add 於 to a list, 於 as in the surname, not the traditional form of 于. Same issue, it keeps getting interpreted incorrectly and translated to the wrong character (于). Is there a way to override this behavior for those odd characters that are both a simplified version, and a traditional version, depending on context? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


Interesting problem.

FYI, Pleco dictionary says 于 form or the old variant 亐 is the surname format (they do not include 於.) However Wikipedia Chinese version lists both. I’m not familiar with that surname myself.

Good luck with this.

Have you tried using the “All Results” button that shows up next to the entry when adding it to a list? There’s a variant listing the definition as “sky” or “male” in Eight Trigrams

Thanks Jeremy, I don’t see an “All Results” button on the normal Skritter site, but I do see it on the legacy site. That still doesn’t work for me, however, since it still lists 乾 as traditional only to the simplified 干 character, even for that definition. According to my dictionary, 干 is only the simplified version for the gān pronunciation, not for qián. The baidu page for the character seems to confirm this as well as it states " 简体字 - 干(仅gān音)" in the description. Thanks!

Hi both @kellyl and @Jeremy

There must be a way to do this, as I just encountered a review of 后 not as a simplified character but in its original meaning of “empress” etc. as a traditional character, and marked that way on the card (ie: the traditional card does not include the definition “after, behind” etc.)

I also get 后 as a distinct simplified character card that is a pair for the traditional card 後

(I study both traditional and simplified at once)