Can't add words and won't update


I can’t manually add words on the app. When I click the add button a white drop-down box starts to appear then vanishes. Additionally, the app and the website are not syncing. When I do reviews on the app and then sync and then log onto the website it shows that I haven’t done anything


Hi Macolby,

I’ve just responded to the email you sent regarding this issue but I thought I should let you know I’ve responded to your email on this thread in case you see this first.


It looks like I am having almost the same problems as when I was using the non-beta version of the app.

I am having the same (or a very similar) problem with both the beta and non-beta applications.

The app for Skritter is not automatically adding words, I cannot manually add words, and the website is not in sync with the app at all (does not show me having studied at all or have accurate review counts on the website when I do things on the app).

I don’t know if I have always had these problems. At one point I must have been able to automatically or manually add new words, as I have about 60 words to study. However… I cannot seem to add any more then this.

Please let me know if there is any way I can fix these issues.


How about now? Do things seem to be working correctly?

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