Can't advance to next card during review

I started encountering an issue this morning during review where I couldn’t advance to the next card after completing the current one; the arrow buttons wouldn’t work, nor would tapping on the sides of the card. I couldn’t go to the previous card either, so the only workaround is to exit the review and begin a new one. I’m on version 3.3.5 (300303).

Let me know if there’s anything else that might help diagnose!

Any chance you recall the card you got a stuck on? Also, did you do any studying on any on client during the day, or was it mobile beta only?

Thanks in advance

I don’t recall the card but it’s happened a few times with different cards. I’ll make a note of which cards they are next time!

I only use the mobile beta app for studying.

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Thanks for keeping an eye out! It sounds like you’re able to exit the session and keep studying by tapping “keep reviewing,” correct? Or, do you need to restart the app when this happens?

Just so you know, we’ll be releasing beta build 3.3.5 v300305 pretty soon, and while there isn’t any targeted fixes for this issue we did make some general improvements that might just squash this annoyance. I’ve been testing on the version for two days now (and also 300304, which was largely the same) and error logs appear to be relatively clean, which is always a good sign!

Thanks again for the reports. And, if any other beta testers are experiencing similar issues be sure to toss some notes below with the version number and the card(s) that you couldn’t advance from.


Looking forward to the new version, hopefully that will fix things.

I recently added more cards to study after a few weeks of review, usually my daily queue would be about 30 and it’s over 100 now. That’s expected but I mention it because this seems to have only started after adding those cards.

I’ve been keeping track of the last cards in each review before I have to exit. Interestingly, they’re all from the new batch of cards I added!

  • stroke card for 太
  • pinyin for 空
  • definition for 商業化
  • pinyin for 專家
  • definition for 商

Thanks for the details. First, we really need to get the latest build out for you to test on. I was hoping there would be a pattern to the madness, but I’m not seeing it here. We’ll be releasing the new beta on Android today, and submitting it to iOS as well so keep an eye out.

Welcome to the wonderful world of SRS! Kidding aside, you can see some big spikes in cards due depending on how many things you add day-to-day. Any settings changes could also bump up the total number of things you’ll see a day. For example, I noticed you’re set to learn characters in words. If you didn’t always have that on it’ll see like a very big change. Words like 商業化, for example, will add nine additional cards to review (3 cards for each character).

New beta was released on Android and iOS, btw. Hope it helps. If not, keep sending emails, and posting so we can get to the bottom of the issue and get it patched.

Happy skrittering!

Thanks for the tip about the characters in words setting, I didn’t realize that was enabled! I’ve disabled it since I think I’d prefer just words in most cases.

I’m on the latest version now - 300305 - and unfortunately I’m still seeing the issue. I’m also seeing the review window hang while trying to load up a new review.

I recorded a video showing the behaviour, I figured that might be easier to understand what I’m seeing! I’ll DM you a link.

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Thanks for that. I can pass the video on to the rest of the team and see if they have any ideas. First though, I would recommend doing a fresh install of the app. After that, if you’re still experiencing issues, I would try turning auto-advance off from the Settings gear on the Review screen.

If things still aren’t working after that we may have to do some studying on your account and see if we can reproduce the issue that way on our end. I appreciate the back and forth while we sort this!


I’m also experiencing this issue on the latest TF version (300305).

Notably this is happening on my iPad only (the app on my iPhone does not have this issue).

At the moment that device is unable to start a review session - it just shows the loading spinner forever.

Previously it would not advance to the next word, as OP described - at which point I switched back to iPhone.

Also tried reinstalling on the iPad.

Thanks for the info!

OP’s issue was fixed when doing uninstall reinstall, but it sounds like something else is going on. I’ll sync with Josh and Michael on Monday and see if we have any logs that’ll give us some clues.

Glad to hear iPhone is working for now at least!

Sounds good, let me know if there is any more information I can provide.

I double checked again this morning and the iPad still cannot start a review session despite having done a lot of them on a different device last night, so the issue is persistent at least :slight_smile:

One other small unrelated question - is the app supposed to work for landscape orientation on tablets?

I saw the team has mentioned it should several months back but not sure if that was in reference to a different version of the app.

Thanks! I’ll be sure to let you know if there is anything I can think of. The fact that you’re not even able to start a session is rather strange. Do you tap the sync button on the top-right of the home screen before trying to enter the session?

No landscape mode at the moment, but it is something we’ve been dreaming of for a while. We had it working in a previous beta version for a brief while, but the project had to get scrapped for other reasons :frowning:

I certainly look forward to its return, as the canvas size is a bit silly on an iPad Pro!

I was not explicitly pressing the sync button as it appears to do so after each hard launch of the app.

That being said pushing it also did not have an effect.

Good to hear about future iPad improvements! I mostly have been using the web beta version in the browser since it handles larger screens much better (landscape, split pane, etc)

However the app version has the improved scheduling system for reviews which is great. Hopefully as it matures, it can eclipse the other clients.

Ive been getting the same problem, can advance a couple cards then it just wont let me advance to next one. Occurs in both normal and beta version.

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could you let us know what items you’re getting stuck on? Thanks in advance!

From memory I remember once it was stuck on 田, seems to be working now that I have different characters for review, its hard to reproduce maybe it is linked to certain characters.

Glad to hear it is working for the moment. We’re still trying to figure out the root cause so that we can prevent this from happening at all. So, if it happens again any details you can recall will be useful in helping us dig in further!