Can't Click on Individual Characters Under 'All Words''

I’m a recent refugee from the Legacy Skritter webpage after the death of flash player.

While learning how to use the main site for the first time, I noticed how when you look up a word under ‘All Words’ and click it, the individual characters that make up the word are no longer clickable like they were on Legacy.

I really liked that feature since it was easy to look up for things about a character I had a question about.

Is it possible to add that feature?

I attached a picture just in case anyone’s confused about what I mean.

As you can see in the legacy site’s screenshot, the characters are blue showing that they’re clickable, unlike the main site where it’s just plain text.

We’re going to be updating the web version to more closely match the mobile app at some point in the future. It’s currently possible in the app and when the web version is updated we’ll be sure to include this as well!

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