Can't create 退烧 as a word


I’m not able to add 退烧 in my list. I have plenty of words already, so I should be able to add new ones. But this one is just refused with two reasons;

Wrong pingyin (tui4 shao1?) AND word already in database …?

Can any of the experts have a look :slight_smile: Thank you!


For some reason that word was hidden from the Skritter database. Having looked at a couple of dictionaries I can’t see why, so I’ve reinstated it.


I’ll look into this. I’ve seen a number of words that are hidden for no good reason, without any record of who hid them and why (usually, I can see who did what when, so I can see that Catherine “unhid” this word).

Many thanks for your quick reaction - I already added the word to my list :slight_smile:

And thanks for your great job in general! I could not image learning Chinese without Skritter!!

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