Can't remove the radicals from my Chinese character study

I tried out a list of the most common radicals, but I then decided to just stick with the standard full character list. It’s unpleasant to study radicals and full characters mixed together. I select just one active list, but the radicals still come up! How do I just get that out of there so I can just study characters?

If you delete the list that contains the radicals / components, (and as long as that is they only list they were added from), it will also remove those words from your studies.

I think my problem is that I was using the Skritter list (I’m not sure what it’s called, but it’s the one that says “start here.” I didn’t realize that list mixes radicals and words. I definitely didn’t like that it mixes the - I’d rather study them separately.

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You could go into the list’s options and set some sections to be skipped over, or alternatively remix the list twice, and then delete all of the radical sections from one, and delete all the non-radical sections from the other (to separate them). You can access the list options and the remix feature by clicking on the list’s name and using the links inside.