Can't Study Existing Lists

Hi there, I’m currently subscribed to the service but it’s not really doing me any good because it won’t let me study existing lists whose words have already been added. In the web app the study page just loads in an infinite loop and on the phone app it says I need to add lists to study even though they’ve already been added. When I go into advanced study it says that the words need to be added in study mode, and when I try to force add words it says there are no new words to add. So in effect I can’t do anything with the app.

Hi siditious! :wave:

Skritter is built on a spaced repetition system, which means that words will show up when they’re due for review, but not show up if they aren’t due for review. It looks like you’ve added all the words from all your lists, so you wouldn’t be able to add any new words until you select (or create) another list to add words from.

It looks like you have about 4000 items due for review, so you should be able to review these items even without adding any new words from lists. I’ve made sure your account is loading up correctly on this end-- would you be able to confirm if you’re still running into the same issue (with the study screen loading in an infinite loop)?

By the way-- the new mobile app has a “Test” mode that’ll let you study words from a list even if they aren’t due for review yet. It sounds like that might be something that would interest you!

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