Cards need to be correct at least once before due date is pushed back

Am I correct in saying that “Now, cards marked as “forgot” stay due during the day until you get them correct at least once” means that in practice there is no difference between “forgot” and “hard” so advanced SRS grading now effectively has just 3 grades?

Hi Mike!

If you’re reviewing using the default “due only” settings then cards marked “hard” should not be appearing due again in the queue for the day. Only the cards marked “forgot” will show up again as due. If you’re using the continuous study option it is possible that cards marked as “hard” will show up more during the day depending on how many total cards in the system are due for study.

I just did some in-app testing to clear out my due count, and things appear to be working as I’ve just described above, but if you’re seeing something else please let us know so we can investigate!


I actually like the new way better because it reminds me of what I did wrong while it’s still “fresh” and makes me learn faster.

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