Cards reappear after finishing review

This has happened to me a few times in the last week, but I finally paid attention to it today so I could record exactly what happened.

I had 205 cards “due” at the start of the day. I immediately reviewed all of them, and got 20 wrong. When I go back to the main screen, the “Due cards” button initially shows 20. However, after about 30 seconds (the “two arrows” icon in the top right of the app was spinning), that number changes to 115! If I try reviewing again, many of those cards are ones that I just marked as “got it” or “easy”. I don’t know what will happen to these cards tomorrow – if I have to review them again or they magically disappear. Either way, it’s quite frustrating.

This is version 3.4.1 (300389) of the beta app on Android 9. Happy to provide more info if it will help.

It’s possible this could be somewhat related to "Mark as learned" not working as it appears to be related to saving. When is the last time you did a fresh log in to your Skritter account on your device? Are you actively studying on more than one device or browser?

Today I did over a hundred reviews and then closed the app to try to stop this from happening, when I reopened it about 50 of them were back… what the heck. I’m not studying on anything other than my phone. I’ll try redownloading the app and see if I continue to have this problem.

Let me know how reinstalling the app goes. After a review session you could try clicking on the sync icon on the top toolbar, though it should automatically sync your progress after you finish or exit the session. Are you using continuous or due count from the dashboard to review?

I am using the “Due cards (NNN)” button to review, not continuous mode.

I reinstalled the app but after 2 days i can’t say whether or not this problem is solved yet. Certainly after finishing my reviews the number doesn’t pop back up again, but the number of daily reviews is much higher than it used to be the next day. Usually I hover around 150-200, but now it’s around 300. AFAIK I’ve kept the retention rate the same (around 90%). I’ll come back to this in a few more days.

oh, forgot to add, i have tried pressing the ‘sync’ button before, but it has no effect that i can tell any of the times i’ve pressed it.

OK, i consider this fixed now. the extra reviews for today weren’t for words i had recently tested, there were a bunch of reviews for HSK 1 (or 2) terms like numbers and “sister”/“brother” etc. thanks again!


Glad to hear it’s been resolved! Good luck with your studying, 学习愉快/學習愉快!:slight_smile:

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