Changing name on this forum

Hi everyone!

Does anyone know how you can change your name on the Discourse forum? My name is currently 111, and I don’t know why. I’m guessing it got changed since my Skritter name contains 汉字.

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Hi “111” :smile:

Seems like Discourse is having a hard time showing the Display name you’ve got selected on Skritter. You should be able to change username under preferences for the site.

I can only change the “full name”, the username (display name) field doesn’t have a box and cannot be changed…

@111 Sorry, I didn’t realize that those aren’t showing up for you. As an admin I can change the Display name for you but it isn’t letting me use Chinese characters in the display name area.

I’m sending you a PM to try and resolve this issue. Hopefully we can figure something out!


Hi Jake,

i am experiencing a similar issue–can you advise how i can change my username from the unique Skritter ID?

In preferences I have added a Username but it is still showing the string of numbers.


Try logging out of the forum and logging back in. The information doesn’t update automatically without a fresh log in!

Same goes for avatars, btw.

Argh it doesnt seem to work! Any other suggestions?

It seems my Avatar is now working.

Not a huge issue but confused that it doesnt update.

I’m confused, too. @josh got any ideas about why the forum doesn’t update username?

@MacTheWomble what would you like it changed to? Have you tried manually changing it from the forum settings directly?

I think I’ve figured out the issue but don’t have an elegant fix for it. The issue appears to be that Discourse doesn’t allow for spaces in username. Here is the error I get when I manually try to change it on your account:

I have manually updated your username to MacTheWomble. It should now also let you change your username from the preferences.

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I just tried to open this Skritter Discourse page and I had been logged out. Looks like it is now working.

Thanks for the help!